Voici les nouveautés apportées par cette version :

  • Support de vSphere 8.0
  • Support de VMware Horizon 2209 (8.7)
  • Support de Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.7 et 9.1 comme guest OS
  • Support de Red Hat Enterprise CoreOS 4.11 comme guest OS
  • Support des GPU
    • NVIDIA A100 PCIe 80GB liquid cooled
    • NVIDIA A800 PCIe 80GB
    • NVIDIA A800 PCIe 80GB liquid cooled
    • NVIDIA A800 HGX 80GB
    • NVIDIA H100 PCIe 80GB
  • Plusieurs bug fixes
  • Assignment to a single VM of multiple vGPUs that are allocated a fraction of the physical GPU’s frame buffer
  • Support for NVIDIA Virtual Compute Server (vCS) in Windows guest VMs 
  • DCH packaging of the NVIDIA vGPU software graphics driver for Windows guest OS. As a result of this change, the path to the registry key for configuring NVIDIA vGPU software licensing has changed. After an upgrade from a package that is not DCH compliant, license settings must be reconfigured in the registry key at the new path to ensure that a VM in which the driver has been upgraded can acquire a license.
  • Support for a mixture of TCC and WDM operation for Windows VMs to which multiple vGPUs are assigned
  • Support for non-transparent local proxy servers when NVIDIA vGPU software is served licenses by a Cloud License Service (CLS) instance
  • Migration of the Virtual GPU Manager for VMware vSphere to the VMware Daemon SDK (DSDK)

⚠️Les versions de Windows 10 et Windows 11 supérieures à 21H2 ne sont pas supportées.

⚠️ Le serveur de licence « Flexera » n’est plus supporté


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